1. The basic rule is ‘Respect for Neighbourhood Law and Morals’.
  2. Please avoid making noise in the site, burning barbecues, organizing parties, entering private places belonging to others, posting announcements, using the house outside the resort house for holiday purposes, and any act and behaviours that could disturb the neighbours -the Site Management. If such a situation occurs, you will be prompted to leave the site immediately.
  3. Pets are not allowed. Please refer to the authorised personnel for special cases.
  4. Please read and apply the rules posted above the pool. Since there is no lifeguard in our pools, please know where the life buoy ready for you at the poolside and always accompany your children.
  5. The medicine cabinet equipped with the basic first aid supplies is available in the safety cabinet 7 days 24 hours.
  6. In case you need a car rental, dry cleaning, city tours etc. for a more comfortable holiday, special agreements are available for you. If you wish, you can use our concierge services at by using the password to be provided for you.
  7. Information on security measures, such as emergency plans, site layout, important phone numbers, etc., can also be found at by using the password to be provided for you.
  8. Notify the site management in writing to ensure that you and all those accompanying you can be taken care of and necessary measures can be taken for special cases by the Site Management (such as car parking near the property for the disabled, diseases that need attention, vulnerabilities etc.). Though the Site Management has no responsibility for the matters in the title, it will make its best to help you.
  9. Both architectural and landscaping of our sites have been designed and implemented by top class experts. So, strongly avoid applications which can affect overall appearance and integrity such as ‘exterior colouring in different colours, or horticulture in the garden’.
  10. Please refer to the Site Management for information on car parking space.
  11. Comply with the requirements of staff working on the site.
  12. The above-mentioned Site Rules have been prepared and approved by the competent administrative bodies in accordance with the Site Management Plan for the purpose of protecting the site residents’ peace. In case of non-compliance with the rules, the non-compliant person(s) will be warned by the Site Management and if the violation continues, the relevant persons will be prompted to leave the site without any formalities.

 I have read the above-mentioned Site Rules consisting of 12 articles. I acknowledge that I will observe all the rules carefully and that the Site Management or the Leasor is not responsible for any damages that may result from the violation of the rules.