VILLA NO: 103 – 540 m2 

Şalvarağa Homes offers a private life with the authentic architecture and the unique view. The detached garden gives you the happiness of waking up to the unique view of the Bodrum Castle every morning. The luxurious life awaits for you to live with peace and comfort in a place hidden in the city center.

Şalvarağa Homes II project is located in Kumbahçe, the shining region of Bodrum. The project, is built by Çağdaş Holding and has 5 detached villas. High quality construction materials were used in Şalvarağa Homes II and each villa has its own pool. The most striking feature of the project is the unique view of the Bodrum Castle, Kos Island and Kara Island. Şalvarağa Homes II, is located in the center of Bodrum and is an unique address for residential owners who have alternatives of various transportation. It is located next a Heliport and a Ship Berth. The Ship Berth was completed by Çağdaş Holding and is a place where both domestic and international ships and ferries have cruises.

In the project, the architecture of traditional housing  was modernized in the details of the planning and the design of the facade. The principle of being intertwined with nature continued in the material selection. The selection criteria for the color and texture was determined as the ‘’Bodrum’’ metaphor. In Şalvarağa Homes, each square meter is designed to highlight the personal life, to protect privacy and filled with high quality landscaping elements that allows socialization.

Experience the comfort of your home and the comfort of the hotel combined with the authentic architecture. Your private garden is a place where you can feel the nature and the scenery you see every morning.

  • (Apr – May – Sep – Oct)
  • (June July August)
  • 55.000 TL
  • 69.000 TL
  • 98.000 TL
  • 122.000 TL
  • 128.000 TL
  • 160.000 TL
  • 155.000 TL
  • 195.000 TL